Compression Therapy

Varicose veins and spider veins are chronic conditions. One of the best preventative measures is the continued use of compression stockings.

Compression therapy works by increasing the blood flow in the vessels, decreasing the diameter of the veins, decreasing backflow or reflux in the superficial veins which in turn improves the calf vein muscle pump. Compression therapy decreases swelling and pressure in the tissues of the legs and improves circulation in the capillaries, thereby improving the delivery of nutrients to the skin.

The stockings improve circulation, thereby relieving the physical symptoms (heavy, aching legs) and slowing down the recurrence of varicose and spider veins. Besides their use for varicose veins, they are recommended for use on long trips- or any period of prolonged immobility- varicose veins in pregnancy, leg swelling of pregnancy, superficial thrombophlebiits, post thrombotic syndrome and other related conditions

With a physician’s referral the initial consultation is covered by MSI. MSI will only cover treatment of the larger varicose veins. You can discuss this with the doctor at the time of your consultation. MSI will not cover the cost of treatment of spider veins and small varicose veins regardless of whether or not they cause you symptoms. The compression stockings are covered at least partially by most private insurance plans.

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