What is Spectra technology and which conditions does it treat?

SOMA uses the well-known laser medium called Nd:yag in diverse ways on the skin to tackle tattoos, melasma, or sun spots and at slowed energy can be used to treat acne, rosacea, enlarged pores and tone the skin.


Spectra Laser Tattoo Removal

Professional or amateur tattoos can be improved with laser tattoo removal and at SOMA we ensure that clients are comfortable during treatment by applying topical anesthetic before the procedure. Most tattoo darker tattoo pigment can be addressed with the 1064nm Q-Switch laser and by manipulating the wavelength pigments such as   red, purple, orange, sky blue and green are also treatable.  

Treatments may be repeated every 4-6 weeks and it may take 4-10 or more treatments to improve or clear tattoos. Immediately following treatment the laser treated skin will look white that will be replaced by redness, then a scab.   It is important that the area is protected from the sun and kept moist as the area heals.


Spectra Laser Toning, Melasma & Color Correction

More women than men suffer from Melasma and this skin condition occurs as a combination of hormonal influences and accumulated sun exposure. Brown patches appear scattered over the face, predominately on the cheeks, forehead and upper lip. This frustrating skin condition does not respond easily to topical therapy or laser treatments. SOMA has successfully treated brown spots and melasma successfully with the Spectra system.


Spectra Acne Laser Peel

In a 3-step process the laser peel can be used to reduce inflammation and oil production associated with acne.

Step 1: a topical photo-enhancing carbon lotion is applied to the skin.  

Step 2: In the Spectra mode light reaches deep into the skin, stimulating skin cell regeneration and reducing inflammation.

Step 3: The laser is used to exfoliate or create a peel. The photo-enhancing carbon lotion is evaporated during this process, unclogging pores and removing with it skin surface cells.

            Treatments may be repeated every 2-3 weeks and clients noticed improvements after their first treatment however a series of treatments is always recommended for more significant results. As the acne is improved, maintenance treatments may be preferred. 

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