3 Way Links Critical Overview

Here's another Jonathan Leger product I'm reviewing today called 3 Way Links. In the SEO Game, google loves links. And yes they want lots of them. But the I'll link to you if you'll link to me scheme won't work with google like it use to. The first thing I notice on this page is a 10 page Niche Website he created with this system from zero to about 2,500 hits within 4 short months. Keep in mind this is a good accomplishment for a Niche Website so small. Now this website doesn't earn Donald Trump money, but it does hold it's own. It only took him a 5 hours to create it, or lets just say a day to be safe. And in just 4 months it's earning him $157.00 per month in Google Adsense Revenue.

So in a year this site will end up making about $1,800.00 for 5 hours to a day of work. And the site keeps earning a little bit more each month, not less. Theoretically if someone could do this over and over, pcb manufacturing they could retire within a very reasonable amount of time. Now he's got me interested. This program claims that you can use 50 of your top websites with an account if you have that many to begin with. I want to make a note that this service seems like a semi-advanced one and assumes you already have niche websites in place or know how to get them up.

The concept behind 3 Way Links is that A would link to B, B would link to C and C would link to A. Notice there are no reciprocal links in this equation. So a 3 Way Link is basically broken down into 3 One Way Links so Google will give each link full SEO Credit. This linking technology Jonathan Leger offers is totally automated. All you have to do is add your domain and keywords to your account, add a php file to your server and link to it from your home page. The entire process only takes 10 minutes to implement. Once you do this everything else runs itself, and remember as mentioned earlier you can use this service and do this with up to 50 websites.

I think you should at least read the sales letter even if you don't want to purchase this service and here's why. He actually spills some beans and gives you some pretty nice free information about what google wants and expects in order to rank well. And I wouldn't get pumped up about the 50 site thing. You don't need 50 sites to earn a million dollars on the Internet. But I can't take anything away from someone who puts up a site in one day and makes $250 per month with it in one year. But for me and my partner, we want to concentrate on 2-3 authority sites over the long haul to retire us.

This will also give me time to give google what it really wants as far as Anchor Text Diversity, which you'll read on the 3 Way Links sales letter. My thoughts on this service is that it really could help put you over the fence as far as ranking on specific keywords. But I definitely wouldn't use this as a sole promotion mechanism for any of your niche sites. I'd also in throw in Article Marketing, Social Bookmarking and Blog Posts or Forum Posts at a bare minimum.

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