How to Go for Automobile Shipping in Jordan and Ghana

free adsAutomobile car shipping is an important concern for the expatriates who are willing to transfer their household goods and car to another country. It is very necessary that you have a professional automobile car shipping company available at your disposal when you are transferring the automobile or car to any other country. Talking about car shipping to Jordan or Ghana car shipping, it is quite necessary that the cargo and freight moving company should have complete details on the car shipping and customs clearance policies practiced in the Jordan and Ghana. This will ensure easy and hassle free shipment of your car to the designated place in Jordan or Ghana.

Briefing on Car Shipping To Jordan

Car Shipping to Jordan is not easy as it requires you to go through plenty of rules and regulations and moreover customs authorities make sure that all the terms and conditions are followed. For timely and hassle free car shipping to Jordan, you have to make sure that services of automobile car shipping are credible and in line with your requirements. You need to show to customs officials original passport, residence visa and rental contract, residence permit, work permit, descriptive inventory which will list the car model, all the accessories of your car, and also the date of manufacture. Furthermore, you also need to disclose on the type of chassis and genre of automobile. In case you try to conceal any information, whether major or minor, from the authorities, it will become troublesome and may delay the process of customs clearance. Here it is important to note that role of automobile car shipping company should be taken into consideration.

When car shipping to Jordan, the amount of tax which you have to pay will depend entirely upon your immigration status. If you are returning Jordanian who is also transferring his/her vehicle to Jordan, you will not be taxed. Likewise if you are diplomat of any country who is moving to Jordan, the customs duty levied on the vehicle will be less. Vehicles which are more than 5 years old will not be transferred to Jordan as these are not permitted. When car shipping to Jordan, you need to have license, credible registration number and also the Triptyque. All the car papers should be in your name or else it will become difficult to transfer the vehicle.

Briefing on Ghana Car Shipping

Similarly, if you are planning for Ghana Car Shipping, make sure that you are aware about the car shipping protocols followed in Ghana. Remember, there are different protocols for native Ghanaian and the expatriates. For this purpose, you have to consult reliable and experienced automobile car shipping company.

Here are some of the information points which will help you in hassle free ads Ghana car shipping:

•    Only Left hand wheel drive is allowed in Ghana

•    If your car is more than 5 years old, you need to pay graduated penalty and this would depend upon the date of manufacture of vehicle

•    Original Car Purchase Invoice is Required

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