Endovenous Laser Ablation

    EVLA is quickly becoming the preferred treatment of varicose veins. A highly concentrated beam of light (laser energy) is delivered to the targeted tissue with extreme precision, so as not to affect the surrounding tissue. Lasers have been proven very effective throughout years of use in all type of medical procedures, from eye surgery to dermatology. In the hands of a skilled physician, lasers offer far less risk that conventional surgery.

    With Endovenous Laser Ablation you have the advantages of;
-    Treatment in less than 1.5 hours
-    Can be performed in doctors office
-    Up to 98% success rate
-    Immediate relief of symptoms
-    Return to normal activity immediately – with little to no pain
-    No general anesthesia or hospitalization
-    Minimal to no scarring


What are the pre treatment instructions?

A - You may eat and drink normally before the procedure – however please avoid alcohol and caffeine containing products for 24 hours prior. Do not take Aspirin or blood thinners for one week prior to treatment. Bring your compression stockings and comfortable clothes/walking shoes to your appointment. We recommend you make arrangements for a drive home following the procedure.


What can I expect during the procedure?

A - An information booklet will be provided to you with a detailed description of procedure at the time of your consultation.


What are the post treatment instructions?

A - The stockings and/or bandage must be left on continuously. You are encouraged to walk and resume normal daily activities. Please avoid prolonger periods of standing in place or sitting with your legs down. When sitting, please elevate your legs on a stool or chair. You may apply ice packs (on top of the bandage) over treated area – we recommend doing this every 1-2 hours for 15 minutes. Take ibuprofen/Tylenol plain if you have any discomfort. Drink plenty of non-alcoholic beverages to avoid dehydration.



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