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The Mirror Temple (Japanese: 三段示 Toshi No Miyaguni), also known as the Tree of Time, is a dungeon encountered in Majora's Mask.[1]

The Temple is accessed by using the Mirror, Mirror Skull or Mirror Eye. There are two entrances to the dungeon - one in the center (in the room opposite where Princess Zelda and Link are standing) and one in the upper left corner. Although Link's body can actually pass through the ground floor, he cannot. If Link tries to get to the upper left corner, the Temple is locked and guarded by several giant spider statues, including the Mirror statue and its boss, the Mirror Knight, a giant octopus. Link can escape the temple using the Mirror Shield, but this only works if it has not yet activated. As such, a player cannot use this spell on the Mirror Skull, regardless of how many times his soul gem has been used.

The game also shows a map of the Temple, showing the location and layout. The player begins the game's mission by defeating every Phantom, Mummy, and Fairy until they fall to ground level. The Phantom in question is the Evil Phantom, whose defeat is crucial as he makes the Temple impregnable and also provides Link with his Mask. The final battle against the Evil Phantom is in the room just outside the Temple's entrance. At the end of the game, The Mirror Knight gives Link a Sword of Judgment, but it is only a partial sword for the moment, and he needs to use other weapons to defeat the Phantom.

A small area on the ground floor of the Temple is a ladder to a secret cave in the ground. To the left, there is a ladder leading to the room with a giant octopus named the Mirror Knight. There is a statue holding one of each of the three items from each category: a Mirror, a Great Sword, or a Skull Mask. Link must defeat each of these three and use the other to retrieve the Crystal Key.

The room below the stairs to the tunnel at the bottom of that cave is a passage that leads to a hidden passage at the heart of the Temple. There are two rooms of varying levels, which Link must complete

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