Professional banking security services in Ho Chi Minh City are highly responsible, dedicated, honest and enthusiastic.

Banking security services AEON Delight Vietnam has had many years of cooperation with many big banks such as Agribank, Techcombank, ACB Bank and Ocean Bank ... we always take the satisfaction of banks as well as customers. to be my driving force.

The bank is the place where the commercial, credit and financial center is involved in matters of money and assets of great value, and the bank is often located at the center of the city or town. many people and many vehicles pass by, this is the fat goal that criminals aim to. In fact, the ultimate mission of security companies is to train security guards with special professional banking protection to ensure absolute security of assets and money. , dich vu an ninh ngan hang chuyen nghiep life for banks, for customers to trade and for themselves.

Professional banking security services in HCMC.

Professional banking security services in HCMC.

Banking protection services have many types of services such as:

- Protection of bank headquarters.

- Protect ATM pillars.

- Protect the transportation of money from one bank to another.

- Protect the transfer of money from banks to companies in industrial parks, export processing zones, households wishing to receive money at home.

- Protect bank and customer money from bank robbery or theft right at the bank office - treasury.

- Protect all areas in the bank - treasury (inside and outside the bank - treasury, parking, ATM rooms ... are strictly controlled), especially the deposit areas of customers' security because this usually the target for criminals.

- Bank protection service requires the security company to equip with high professional knowledge to protect and equip security guards with modern support tools to deal with the risks could happen.

Plan of implementing bank security objectives

- In the process of implementing the security project for the bank, we always keep secret, not disclose the bank's secrets, as well as the bank's personnel.

- A professional security guard who is professional in the style and security profession, always polite to the bank's customers but absolutely not intimate, leads to indecent actions.

- Professional security guards, always working according to the motto of hearing but not listening, looking without looking, that is to focus on human senses to work, all observations and listenings are secret , polite.

- Security staff working at the bank must determine the peak date and time in the bank to have a specific plan to optimize the task for each appropriate time.

Banking security services perform the main tasks:

- Preventing bad guys from taking customers, bank guards must have experience to classify objects and detect suspicious people before causing a case, making appropriate measures to stop immediately.

- Preventing bad guys from stealing bags and stealing from customers' security guards must have a long-range protection plan to detect those who are wandering around a lot, eyes or glances at customers vertically, Especially near the trading desk.

- Watch out for bad guys to act as a distracting author to make security guards vulnerable to breaking into banks.

- In the process of implementing banking protection services, customers withdraw large amounts of cash, employees must give them a vigilance to those around them and need to monitor and implicitly protect them when leaving the car, customers give up money into the trunk when running out of target.

- Remind customers, follow the bank's general rules.

Necessary requirements of bank security staff:

Security must keep secret from the bank's secrets such as lock codes, alarm system diagrams, preventing theft of new money, working rules of bank employees.

Security guards must be polite to the bank's customers but absolutely not too intimate, leading to indecent actions.

The security guards at the bank must follow the motto of hearing but not listen, look without looking, ie to focus on the human senses to work, all observations and listenings must be kept secret, polite.

Security guards must thoroughly understand the key areas and areas of the bank.

Security guards must identify peak days and hours in the bank.

Banking security services use support tools:

Equipped with specialized support tools for the type of event protection such as iron sticks, electric whips, anti-stab vests, riot caps, dedicated radios, light sticks to coordinate traffic ...

Why choose AEON Delight Vietnam as a bank security service provider?

AEON Delight Vietnam has been training security guards to protect banks according to a specific standard in accordance with the bank's high security rules and regulations.

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