Service Management of apartment buildings, corporate offices, technical systems, building operation with a team of enthusiastic engineers

thue dich vu quan ly toa nha chung cuManaging Services Apartment buildings in Ho Chi Minh Town and Hanoi provided by AEON Delight Vietnam are quite appreciated by customers because of their quality and dedication. Staying present in the market in Japan since 72, AEON Delight is an enterprise providing comprehensive and parallel facilities and management services, serving as a leader in this industry.

Expanding the scope of its activities, including with the headquarters found in Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh Town, AEON Delight Vietnam little by little conquers domestic enterprises and customers with first-class services of international standards, especially technical services of AGES Delight Vietnam.

A thorough view of AEON Delight Vietnam Building Management service.

Setting up maintenance service is the service that the provider will be in charge of all technology systems such as: sanitary systems, cooling, electric powered systems, air conditioning, heating system; not except the problems related to transport equipment, electrical equipment types; as well as automated structure and control systems.

Appropriately, when the consumer uses the technology management service of the supplier, the company will take full responsibility for the routine procedure coming from all types of machines and systems used. ability source in the building and that architectural task. The supplier company will assign a 24-hour agent; regularly monitor and regularly review the procedure of the system. At the same time, offer appropriate improvement solutions at the urgency.

And you are commercial centers, supermarkets, complexes, offices for rent, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals or houses... completely selectable Tech services AEON Delight Vietnam Male as an lykkeskilling, an insurance card for me.

Service management of apartment buildings professional company office.

Service management of apartment buildings professional company office.

What is CENTURY Delight Vietnam Building Supervision Service different from other Building Management Services of other units?

Formed and developed in Japan, then joined Vietnam market show, to be able to quickly integrate and match the growing economical craze here, AEON Delight Vietnam has researched and helped bring 3 main items included in AEON Delight Vietnam Maintenance Service, including:

Functioning equipment operation:

Monitoring and inspection of electrical and water pipes; Monitoring sewage treatment; Operating pump system; Operating fire alarm systems; Operation of cooling (chiller, cooling); Operating escalator system; Operating lighting system.

Repair, inspection and repair of equipment:

Handling momentary fine-tuning; Operation system maintenance; Restoration of pumping system; Protection of fire alarm systems; Maintenance of cooling (chiller, cooling); Maintenance of escalator system; Maintenance of light systems; increase the life of infrastructure.

Provide energy keeping measures:

Using advanced energy saving technology of Nippon; comprehensive measures can be to reduce energy usage (such as water, electricity); Comprehensive measures for customers to reduce costs come up.

AEON Delight Vietnam is always highly appreciated for the quality of management services for apartment structures of office companies.

AGES Delight Vietnam provides thorough and economical measures; providing comprehensive solutions that decrease the expense of inclusion... In order to ensure that your equipment is operated in an absolutely stable way, there are no unintentional situations that endanger the community, AEON Delight Vietnam always arranges people who are in charge of duty or patrol at the customer's premises. For the same time is to regularly check, record, hold the conditions and operating status of equipment; The word plans to make tips that must be designed to improve equipment.

With the technique of using modern day saving techniques of Japan, dich vu quan ly toa nha chung cu AEON Delight Vietnam requires plans in minimizing energy consumption to a maximum but does not reduce operating quality.

The future value that YEARS ON END Delight Vietnam Building Administration Service produces in you, surely you can feel smart and accept. That is certainly to reduce the total cost of the building's life cycle as well as improve the value of the property.

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