Smart parking management system in Ho Chi Minh with competitive prices

Smart parking management system is now an urgent need. Smart parking has developed into an essential need when the economy grows, the flow of cars increases without stopping. Facing the current inconvenience of traditional car parks, the intelligent parking lot was established as a perfect way to solve the problem of the vehicle owner.

The automatic parking system can be installed on the ground or underground, depending on the area of ​​existing land, the entrance and exit depending on the purpose of the user, they will be designed according to the most suitable system. Advanced parking provides important benefits with space saving and cost avoidance. In order to remind the subject of smart parking lots, there will be many issues to discuss, today Copany will together with you and sisters to understand he thong quan ly bai do xe hcm the main function of smart parking system.

Smart parking management system in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Smart parking management system in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

If the traditional car park only has the main function of keeping a car with a manual ticket system, the smart car park has proved its superiority with 2 main functions which are vehicle control and management and control. control.

Smart parking management system for vehicle control

Smart parking lot allows a control station to transfer flow in the flow into the flow wall and vice versa. With a dense camera system to support system operation.

Smart car park with computer system can simultaneously control two lanes in and out to increase productivity and save costs. If you are equipped with enough accessories such as camera, card reader, you can completely move the lane.

This system automatically manages an optimal approach. Owners of vehicles using a card or pre-registration can automatically enter and exit through the vehicle number recognition feature without the need for security control. The controlled barrier opens and closes automatically when there is movement of the vehicle.

Intelligent parking system always ensures safety at the presence of anti-theft accessories: siren, warning lights. When the license plate number does not match immediately, the system will issue a warning signal. Moreover, the LED system also helps to inform customers of the costs they need to pay or show the necessary information.

Smart parking management system: Management and control

Access control control: Control the number of vehicles in the yard, the number of vehicles entering the day, the number of vehicles coming out, warning when the vehicle comes in and out, showing the vehicle's appearance to compare, ...

Card management: The system can use the ticket replacement card, each card can install its own features on the vehicle, license plate, month card, etc. The card will be scanned through the reader and delivered to the sender. car, recovered when the car leaves the yard. Each card will have the card code and card number. These tag lines can be locked as required.

Customer management: Each customer can own an account to use for many different vehicles, only one vehicle can be used at a time. Smart parking system is designed to serve many organizations.

Manage custodial fees: Fees, promotions, free registration for tightly managed parking.

Statistics of parking situation: Statistics of card swipe numbers, number of vehicles remaining in yards, number of vehicles coming in and out of the day.

Revenue report: Report total revenue and detailed revenue by region and model.

System management: Manage workstations, control points, start-up functions when running the software, set the list of stolen vehicles, ...

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